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Killer Joe, July 27

Killer Joe, July 27

Juno Temple doesn’t mind a little blood

Killer Joe - In theaters July 27

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"William Friedkin’s latest film Killer Joe is more than worth the six-year wait.” Review 

See it Aug 27

"Billy doesn’t just push the envelope, he shreds it. Thus, art."

Killer Joe

He directed what’s widely considered to be one of the scariest horror films of all time (The Exorcist) and filmed perhaps the best car chase sequence in history (The French Connection). Director William Friedkin arrives at SIFF this year with the west coast premiere of his new, provocative black comedy, Killer Joe, where he will be presented with the Seattle International Film Festival’s Lifetime Achievement Award. The evening will include an onstage interview and film clips from his career preceding the film, with a Q&A session to follow. (via An Evening with William Friedkin | 2012 Seattle International Film Festival < Films)

Emile & Juno in Killer Joe

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“We are not worthy…”

Emile Hirsch bows down to legendary director William Friedkin on the red carpet at the Venice Film Festival. Hirsch stars in Friedkin’s latest feature “Killer Joe”.

He’s got a little business on the side. 

is a gif so nice, we tumblr’d it twice

This is lovely.

William Friedkin. On Reddit AMA. At 1pm EST. 

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